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08/13/2020 7:15:16 PM PST
Steve-O Duct-Tapes Himself to Hollywood Billboard to Promote Project
Steve-O's up to his old tricks, and though his latest stunt isn't his gnarliest ... it's pretty damn funny. The 'Jackass' star attached himself to a Hollywood billboard Thursday morning with the help of a bunch of black tape, in what he believed…

08/13/2020 9:58:12 PM PST
Carole Baskin Debunks Facebook Group Investigation Into Husband's Case
Carole is shooting down allegations her missing husband is buried on her property under or inside a septic tank. CB claims the rumors were started by a disgruntled employee, who was fired 3 years after Don's disappearance. Carole says she would…

08/13/2020 4:03:08 PM PST
Nick Cannon Says He's Not Suing Viacom Over 'Wild 'N Out'
Nick Cannon is NOT planning to file a $1.5 BILLION lawsuit against ViacomCBS for the rights to his show "Wild 'N Out" ... he says those reports are fake news!!! Nick's reps are clearing the air after reports surfaced this week the comedian was…

08/13/2020 1:18:37 PM PST
Barstool's Dave Portnoy Hoping to Hire Charles Barkley 'Top of My List'
First Deion Sanders ... then Charles Barkley? Maybe! Barstool Sports prez Dave Portnoy says Sir Chuck is the next big star he's hoping to sign, after inking Prime Time earlier this week. "Charles Barely is like the best to ever do it," Portnoy told…

08/12/2020 4:36:36 PM PST
Wendy Williams and Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Sell Their NJ Mansion
Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter have tied up another loose end following their divorce ... but didn't make the dough they'd hoped to on the deal. The ex-couple finally closed on the sale of their New Jersey mansion -- which they called home for…

08/12/2020 2:14:45 PM PST
Donald Trump Trolls Bill Maher After Maher Delivers Trump Eulogy
Donald Trump was not happy with Bill Maher's show last Friday night, and we're guessing it's because Maher delivered a blistering fake eulogy of 45. Trump tweeted, "Watched @billmaher last week for the first time in a long time. He's totally SHOT,…

08/12/2020 7:01:47 AM PST
The Dog 'Wilfred' 'Memba Him?!
Australia actor Jason Gann gained fame in OZ for his joint-loving leg-humping canine character, Wilfred ... but shot to stardom internationally in 2011 after the show, "Wilfred," was remade stateside on FX. Jason Gann starred alongside a cool cast…

08/11/2020 10:55:00 PM PST
Viola Davis Celebrates 55th Birthday with Powerful Message
Welp, we clearly missed Viola's metaphor when she said, "I own it ... all of it," she wasn't referring to the ACTUAL home ... just owning the beginning, ups and downs of her incredible life story. Viola Davis is coming full circle for her birthday…

08/11/2020 1:16:52 PM PST
'Sanford and Son' Actor Raymond Allen Dead at 91
Raymond G. Allen, Sr., a character actor who played Uncle Woody in "Sanford and Son," has died. Allen's family tells TMZ, he was in a long-term facility in California when he was found unresponsive early Monday morning. EMT's tried reviving him, to…

08/10/2020 11:00:28 PM PST
Kelly Clarkson Filling In for Simon Cowell on 'AGT' After Back Injury
Another "American Idol" alum is going to fill Simon Cowell's shoes while he recovers from his broken back -- Kelly Clarkson's stepping into the spotlight for "America's Got Talent." Kelly herself made the announcement Monday with a mock 'AGT' memo…

08/10/2020 1:49:47 PM PST
Lili Reinhart Supports LGBTQ+ TV Characters After Coming Out as Bi
Lili Reinhart says there should be more LGBTQ+ representation on TV and in media because it teaches kids to know it's fine to be who you are, and Lili knows from where she speaks. The "Riverdale" actress was leaving a restaurant Sunday night in…

08/08/2020 8:00:47 AM PST
Nick Cannon Says Kanye West Has His Vote for President
Nick Cannon says America needs another Black man in the White House ... that's why he's team Kanye 2020. Nick was at LAX Friday when the photog asked him what he thought of Ye's run. Answer: "I love it!" Now, the photog took it a step further and…

08/07/2020 7:40:35 AM PST
'I Love New York' Star Kamal 'Chance' Givens Gets His Own Dating Show
When it comes to love, Kamal "Chance" Givens is living up to his name ... 'cause he's returning to TV for a dating show, and this time ... he's the star. Chance -- best known for pursuing Tiffany "New York" Pollard on VH1's "I Love New York" -- is…

08/06/2020 6:08:13 PM PST
Josh Martinez Axed from 'Big Brother' Over Positive COVID-19 Test
'Big Brother' fans hoping to see Josh Martinez on the new All-Star season are disappointed, but super-cautious producers pulled him out of the house over a possibly false-positive COVID test. 'BB' season 22 premiered Wednesday night with no Josh --…

08/06/2020 4:13:13 PM PST
Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner Enjoy Flirty Beach Day in Malibu
A source with direct knowledge tells TMZ ... Jen broke up with her boyfriend, John Miller. That said, we're told Jen and Bradley have been close friends for years -- since "Alias." They have spent time together with their significant others at…

08/05/2020 7:10:21 PM PST
'American Ninja Warrior' Champ Charged with Child Sex Crimes, Dropped by NBC
8/5 NBC has announced it has severed ties with Drechsel in wake of the allegations. The network said, "We are shocked and disturbed to learn about the charges alleged against Drew Drechsel. 'American Ninja Warrior' is a family show that has…

08/03/2020 9:17:05 PM PST
Clare Crawley Replaced Mid-Season on 'Bachelorette' by Tayshia Adams
Clare Crawley's journey on "The Bachelorette" is a short one, it turns out, and now her replacement, Tayshia Adams, will be the 2nd black leading woman on the show. TMZ has confirmed the 39-year-old 'Bachelorette' (who was getting a second shot at…

08/02/2020 2:51:27 AM PST
Wilford Brimley, Face of Quaker Oats & Diabetes Campaigns, Dead at 85
Wilford Brimley -- an iconic actor who was the face of Quaker Oats for years, as well as a spokesperson for diabetes education -- has died ... a rep tells TMZ. We're told Brimley passed away Saturday morning at his home in Utah. Sources with direct…

07/31/2020 6:56:01 PM PST
Tamar Braxton Released by WE tv, New Reality Show Will Still Air
WE tv tells us ... 'Get Ya Life!' will air as it was intended -- the network will not be changing the show or further editing based on Tamar's complaints. Tamar Braxton's upcoming reality show will still be released, but the network says it's…

07/31/2020 7:40:21 AM PST
Sharon Osbourne Says She's Gotta See a UFO to Become a Believer
Sharon Osbourne says seeing is believing when it comes to paranormal activity and other-worldly beings ... she wants to believe we're not alone, but needs her own hard evidence. Sharon joined us on "TMZ Live" and we wanted to know if she's a UFO…

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