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03/30/2020 8:28:33 PM PST
Tiffany Haddish Crashes IG Live Comedy Show, Makes D*** Joke
Tiffany Haddish has the cure for your self-quarantine blues -- laughter ... specifically, about penis size!!! Hey, she says it's working for her. Tiff made a surprise appearance on's #LaughsOnLockdown -- yes, that's where we are now ...…

03/30/2020 6:35:54 PM PST
'American Idol' Season Abandons Filming in Studio Because of Coronavirus
The folks at "American Idol" tried to make it work, but ultimately they had to jettison plans to produce the show in the studio, but TMZ has learned the show may still go on. Producers sent an email to the crew, saying, "As we continue to monitor…

03/30/2020 7:40:23 AM PST
Bob Barker Taking Coronavirus Pandemic in Stride, Used to Isolation
Bob Barker's life is not in upheaval under the coronavirus quarantine -- like most of us -- because he's already skilled in the art of self-isolation. Sources connected to Bob tell us the former 'Price is Right' host is doing okay at home as he…

03/29/2020 7:39:24 PM PST
Trump Says His Coronavirus Press Briefing 'Ratings' Are Sky-High
President Trump apparently thinks his daily press briefings on how his administration is handling the coronavirus pandemic is a reality show ... 'cause he's hyping his "ratings." DT tweeted out the callous and insensitive message to his followers…

03/28/2020 9:08:56 PM PST
'All My Children' Star John Callahan Dead at 66
John Callahan of 'All My Children' fame has died. The longtime soap star passed away Saturday after suffering a massive stroke at his Palm Desert, CA home ... according to his rep. On Friday, paramedics were called to his home and he was…

03/28/2020 7:40:51 AM PST
Ben Stein Braves Outdoors to Go Shopping During Coronavirus Pandemic
Ben Stein braved the outdoors Friday to make a trek to the market ... and the image is gripping. Ben's 75, so he's in the high-risk group. He looked frail as he hit up Pavillions supermarket in Los Angeles ... with an assist from a nurse. The…

03/27/2020 10:00:28 PM PST
'Game of Thrones' Direwolf Dog, Odin, Dies from Cancer
"Game of Thrones" fans already reeling from the show ending have another heartbreaking loss -- the dog that played Bran's direwolf has died. Odin, an Inuit dog who played Summer the direwolf in the very first 'GoT' episode back in 2011, died after…

03/27/2020 8:57:38 PM PST
Criss Angel Says It's Eerie to See Vegas Look Like a Ghost Town
Criss Angel's eyes are not deceiving him ... the Vegas strip has almost literally emptied out in wake of the coronavirus but he says when the time is right, it'll be ready for a comeback. Criss joined "TMZ Live" Friday from his office and says it's…

03/27/2020 4:34:40 PM PST
Hospital Ship Mercy Arrives in L.A. to Ease COVID-19 Pressure
The massive U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy has finally arrived ... just in time to help ease pressure on L.A. hospitals bracing for a tsunami of coronavirus cases. Mercy docked in the L.A. Port Friday morning after making the trek from San Diego.…

03/27/2020 7:50:46 AM PST
Betty White Chilling at Home, Extra Cautious During Coronavirus Pandemic
Betty White is safe and sound at home, and her legion of fans worried about her health can take comfort ... our national treasure is being careful. Sources close to the Hollywood legend tell TMZ ... Betty's in good health as she continues to…

03/27/2020 7:01:31 AM PST
Andi on Disney's 'Motocrossed' 'Memba Her?!
Palm Springs-native Alana Austin was only 19 years old when she landed the role of the girly cheerleader turned dirt bike bad boy, Andi Carson -- who poses as her brother and takes to the track while her brother is injured -- in the classic…

03/26/2020 10:18:24 PM PST
'Desperately Seeking Susan' Star Mark Blum Dead From Coronavirus
Madonna, who was also a big part of "Desperately Seeking Susan" just posted a heartfelt tribute to the actor, saying, "Another reminder that this virus is no joke." Mark Blum, famous for starring in "Desperately Seeking Susan" and "Crocodile…

03/26/2020 3:43:48 PM PST
Idris Elba Claims Doc Told Him He'll Be Immune to Coronavirus
Idris Elba is on the mend in his bout with coronavirus ... and pretty soon he could be immune to the disease, so he says. The actor gave his fans a huge health update and said his doctor told him that after quarantine "we will be immune for a…

03/25/2020 5:38:40 PM PST
Jussie Smollett Breaks Social Media Silence, Sings During Quarantine
Jussie Smollett wants to move on from his alleged "attack" -- despite a pending trial -- and he's singing about it while on coronavirus lockdown. Jussie just broke his social media silence Wednesday by singing and playing the piano. It's the…

03/25/2020 7:01:02 AM PST
Captain Trunk in 'Sledge Hammer!' 'Memba Him?!
Georgia-born actor Harrison Page may be best known for his role as the surly supervisor, Captain Trunk -- who kept Detective Dori Doreau (played by Anne-Marie Martin) and Inspector Sledge Hammer (played by David Rasche) in line -- on the '80s ABC…

03/24/2020 1:52:28 PM PST
Oprah Says Stedman's Self-Quarantining for Coronavirus in Guesthouse
Oprah's longtime partner, Stedman, isn't getting any snuggles during these days of sheltering at home -- he's in the guesthouse ... but you could call it the dog house, too. Oprah's been quarantining at her home in Santa Barbara, CA during the…

03/23/2020 7:01:27 AM PST
Gibby on 'iCarly' 'Memba Him?!
Orange County actor Noah Munck was only 11 years old when he landed the recurring role of the funny friend, Gibby -- and was later joined by his brother Ethan Munck as his on-screen brother, Guppy -- on the early 2000s kids comedy "iCarly." Noah…

03/21/2020 1:22:54 PM PST
Howie Mandel Ventures Out with 'Do Not Disturb' Hat During Coronavirus Pandemic
Howie Mandel has a warning for anyone even thinking of interacting with him ... and all you need to do to heed the warning is take a hard look at his noggin. The famed "AGT" germophobe took a stroll Friday with the words "Do Not Disturb" emblazoned…

03/20/2020 8:15:58 PM PST
Netflix Creates $100M Relief Fund for Out-of-Work Cast and Crew
Netflix is stepping up for its crews -- and others -- during the pandemic by creating a $100 million fund to provide relief to production staff suddenly forced into unemployment. The streaming giant made the generous announcement Friday as signs…

03/19/2020 10:57:48 PM PST
Mama June Emerges to Promote Weight Loss Product
Mama June's decided a pandemic is the perfect time to get back in front of the camera and become a public figure again, but not on her TV show -- she's getting paid to push a weight loss challenge. The troubled reality star is promoting something…

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